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Security Based Awareness Training

Security Based Awareness Training

DTE Awareness Training

90% of Data Breaches Involve a Phishing Attack

You might ask what is a phishing attack?  A phishing attack is usually an email that looks to be from a trusted source but is really an attempt to get you to click on a link or to have you enter confidential information that is captured by the attacker.

There are many other security attacks like the social attack where the attacker will use commonly accessible information to call in and pose as a trusted technology resource like Microsoft and have you allow remote access to a system for them to repair a problem.

Protect Your Resources

It can be hard to detect or know if an email is safe or if a person you are talking with is legitimate.  Implementing a Security based awareness training solution is another layer of defense in protecting your date and your company resources.    

Security based awareness training is also becoming a mandatory requirement for HIPAA and FDIC audits.  Let Dura-Tech customize a solution to meet your needs.

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Data Security starts with you.

You and your staff are the first line of defense against data loss. Phishing attacks and Social Engineering are a big threat to your business. Dura-Tech can work with you to help prevent falling victim to these common attacks.