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As previously announced, Dura-Tech has joined with LeadingIt! Starting in 2023 the Dura-Tech branding will be phased out as we unite under the LeadingIT name, including forwarding this website to GoLeadingit.com. Everything you have come to know and love as a client and partner of Dura-Tech remains in tact, with more resources than ever to provide you with the Best Cybersecurity and Fastest Response Times you will find in all of Chicagoland (and soon beyond)!

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Your business takes you everywhere.
Take it with you.

  • Work better, faster, from anywhere.

  • Save money and optimize your technology investment.

  • Grow your business and scale based on need.

Let Cloud technology take your business to the next level.

The DTE SecureCloud Difference

Not all Cloud Solutions are the same. Let more than 25 years of experience guide you into the next era of business technology.

World-Class data security background

Everything we do is built on a foundation of security.

Proven solution design

With hundreds of completed projects, we take you from start to finish.

Experienced techs, friendly support

Our techs are among the best – backed by Microsoft, HP, Fortinet, Cisco, and more.

We are invested in your success

We’re a trusted partner that works tirelessly to help your organization succeed.

Taking HomeStar
to the Cloud

Dura-Tech completed a migration from the traditional office environment to a Hybrid Cloud environment for Homestar Insurance, a multi-location insurance provider.

Download the Case Study and learn about the benefits of moving to DTE SecureCloud.
HomeStar DTE SecureCloud Case Study

This year will see a major influx of businesses migrating to a fully cloud based environment.

Don’t get left in the dust!

Why to take your business
to the Cloud.

You may already experience the benefits of Cloud technology through the use of apps like Microsoft Office 365 – apply that to your entire organization and workflow.
  • Provide mobility for your workforce with access to business critical resources and applications from anywhere.

  • Scalability to administer additional resources as needed based on your business goals.

  • Lower costs of business by reducing the dependence on physical hardware such as on-prem servers and PCs.

  • Increased Availability by removing the reliance on a physical location to do business.

  • Improved security of your files and data by leveraging cloud resources and additional procedures.

Todd Creek – CEO of Dura-Tech

Change How You Work

Our CEO is hands-on, and will personally consult with you on how Cloud will change the business-technology landscape. He has worked with our clients and partners for 25 years to steer them in the right direction for business growth.

Discover the costs, benefits, and more of our DTE SecureCloud solution and wonder why you didn’t make the change sooner!

Todd Creek – CEO of Dura-Tech

Other companies provide their clients all with the same package of services, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your business.

 Your business requires a unique solution – Your business needs Dura-Tech.

Learn how much you could be saving with a move to DTE SecureCloud! First, we need to get to know about your business. To get a quote, simply call or fill out the form below and one of our experienced project managers will reach out as soon as possible!