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Insights from Todd Creek

Our Next Chapter

To Our Clients & Partners,   Cathy and I first started Dura-Tech twenty-five years ago on our back porch with a single computer and a very small workspace. Many of my first clients, who gave me a break and took a chance on me all those years ago, are still my clients, my friends, today. […]

Things Are Getting Spooky

It’s time again for corn mazes, haunted houses, and scary decorations! Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, there’s so much festivity and excitement to be had.   Admittedly as the years have gone by, and even as haunted houses continue to up the ante, I find that I am less scared of […]

Great Teams Win Awards

Cyber Criminals don’t play by ANY rules.   They are predators, they are ruthless, and they want your money. Welcome to the world that my engineering team operates in every single day.   Team is a great word because the only way to win in a highly competitive field is to have the best players. […]

#100 in the World

I’ve been a part of some great winning teams in my lifetime. Back from childhood sports teams to the team we’ve put together at Dura-Tech today, I’ve made memories that I will keep with me forever.    Over the past few years at Dura-Tech, our team has achieved several victories that we’re very proud of. […]

Dura-Tech #100 on Channel Futures MSP 501

Dura-Tech Ranked on Channel Futures MSP 501—Tech Industry’s Most Prestigious List of Global Managed Service Providers Annual MSP 501 Identifies Industry’s Best-in-Class Businesses Growing Via Recurring Revenue and Innovation Dura-Tech has been selected as one of the technology industry’s top-performing providers of managed services by the editors of Channel Futures. For the past 15 years, […]

How I accidentally became a Trillionaire

Insights from Todd Creek I recently became a Trillionaire – for about 22 seconds!  As someone who grew up loving technology, it comes as no surprise that I’m fascinated by the world of Cryptocurrency. You can imagine my shock when I looked at my wallet balance to see $1,000,000,000,000 in it. Although it turned out to […]

Letting Go

Insights from Todd Creek My wife Cathy had a particularly tough time the first time we dropped our oldest son off at college. It was a 2-hour drive to his school, and she cried most of that trip, there AND back. Of course, I kept a “stiff upper lip.” Unfortunately, it was the bottom lip […]

Protection by Design

Insights from Todd Creek One second, I was cruising along in my side by side UTV and the next I was doing my best impression of a barrel roll. Fortunately – not a scratch! Equipped with roll bars, pads, and a helmet, we just rolled the rig back on its wheels and kept on riding! Thanks […]

My Dream Job

Insights from Todd Creek Everyone has dreams as a kid about what they want to do when they grow up. For me, it was the standard stuff; NASCAR Driver, Demolitions Expert, and World-Famous BBQ Grill Master to name a few. After spending most of my childhood racing around the farm on tractors and lighting off […]

The day we weren't prepared

Insights and Video Message from Todd Creek Years ago, a shed on our family farm caught on fire.  By the time the fire was discovered, and we were miles from the nearest fire department, there was nothing we could do but watch it burn. Once the fire died out and the smoke cleared, we thought […]