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Cooking 40lbs of Brisket

This summer especially we’ve been doing our best to really soak in the great weather and appreciate the sunny days. We’ve been spending a lot of time at the campground with friends and family having a relaxing, socially-distanced time, enjoying everyone’s company. One thing that makes our get-together unique is definitely my tendency to cook […]

Preparing for the Storm

An easy way to tell if someone grew up in the Midwest is to see how they react to a tornado siren. While most people would seek shelter, if someone pulls up a chair and watches the storm roll in, you’ve found the Midwesterner! During our recent storm that brought us near 100mph winds, tornado […]

Critical Info from the NSA

On a seemingly normal Tuesday morning in January, I sat down at my desk with a fresh cup of coffee and pulled up my emails to find a Cybersecurity Advisory from the National Security Agency (NSA). A vulnerability was discovered by the NSA affecting Windows 10 and Windows Server along with any applications that rely on Windows for […]

Celebrating a Victory

We are honored to be recognized byEnterprise Security Magazine as aTop 10 National Fortinet Consulting/Service Company. Self-improvement never stops for us, as we continue to improve our skills in a complex and ever-changing world of cybersecurity. Being experts means to lead by example, always striving to find new ways of producing better results and improving our solutions. […]

Happy 4th of July

Recently, my family and I decided to get away for a few days and headed off to spend a nice week on the lake. While we were relaxing, we got to witness a unique spectacle; a Bald Eagle diving down and grabbing a fish right out of the water! This was something I never expected […]

Somebody to lean on

As the great Bill Withers said, “We all need somebody to lean on”. From the very beginning of starting my business and every day since, I’ve relied on my family and my staff to be right there beside me to help the business succeed. I’m very proud of our accomplishments and I fully acknowledge that […]

Thank you for holding...

“Your call is very important to us, please stay on the line”, a phrase most of us have heard time and time again as we waited on hold with vendors. I’d be willing to bet when you think of dealing with vendors, you get a cold sweat and a chill down your spine! Recently, one […]

How my Staff spied on me

Every office has a level of camaraderie to it. I think it’s important that our staff is comfortable with each other and we can have fun while also maintaining our professional and productive environment. Having the skilled engineers we do, sometimes their technical knowledge mixes into the camaraderie for some exceptional moments. For a short […]

The New Normal

As the shelter in place order is lifted from Illinois, businesses are doing their best to return to function. For a lot of businesses, this return comes with changes to their operation in the form of less person-to-person time and an increase in the utilization of technology. Unfortunately for a lot of companies, they’ve had […]

Preparedness Pays Off

In my neighborhood, the Creek family has a reputation for being prepared for anything. Our friends and neighbors have even made a game about making off-the wall requests to see if we have what they’re looking for. It seems like we’ve got everything in our house except the Holy Grail! A few years back it […]