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Protect Against New Threats

Traditional pattern-based Antivirus programs can no longer keep up in today's fast changing security environments.  Threats are changing to fast.  New threats are developing faster than a definition update can be pushed to your traditional Antivirus solution.

Traditional Antivirus solution rely on someone somewhere seeing the attack and then creating a virus definition to catch that attack and then pushing that update out to your system.  The problem is before that update can even be distributed the attack has morphed and the original virus patch or definition is no longer able to catch the new attack. 

Designed for the Future

Today’s attacks have become too sophisticated and numerous for any pattern-based Antivirus to keep up.  To protect your resources, you must implement modern machine learning and Artificial Intelligence based protections.  If your current Antivirus is still using pattern-based updates, it’s time to modernize your security.