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As previously announced, Dura-Tech has joined with LeadingIt! Starting in 2023 the Dura-Tech branding will be phased out as we unite under the LeadingIT name, including forwarding this website to GoLeadingit.com. Everything you have come to know and love as a client and partner of Dura-Tech remains in tact, with more resources than ever to provide you with the Best Cybersecurity and Fastest Response Times you will find in all of Chicagoland (and soon beyond)!

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Licensed and Unlicensed Wireless

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Seamless Wireless Solutions for your business.

DTE Wireless

Industry Leading Solutions

Do you feel that your current wireless solutions are too expensive? Do you look at your bill and wish that it could be reduced without the quality of your service being affected at the same time? Dura-Tech can help you with this exact problem and thanks to using industry leading solutions we can not only reduce your bill, but also increase your bandwidth at the same time.

Our engineers can provide you with a solution that means that even if you require a large number of connections over a wide area, then that will not be a problem.

Wireless Configuration

As a business you will want to be sure that the connections and configurations that you have set up are going to be working at their optimum level no matter where you or your workforce may be. This requires more than just making sure that the configuration is correct because instead you must also look at the security aspect as well.

That is where we come in because at Dura-Tech we have a team of experts that will not only configure your systems to suit your needs, but will secure your data including backups and recovery of files, so that you can relax in the knowledge that nothing will be lost.

Licensed and Unlicensed Wireless

DTE Microwave Radio Solutions

Radio Communication Solutions

Our team of engineers and management have years of experience meaning we can deal with any problem that may occur at any point. We currently offer a number of services that will allow you to not only build, but just plan an RF deployment.

Radio Communication Solutions

RF Propagation Analysis/Coverage Plots

We use Radio Frequency propagation software in order to develop coverage plots. These plots are used to help carriers in determining AP coverage and by using the best software in the industry it means you will have the best coverage possible.


RF Site Survey

Our engineers can carry out an on-site survey that will not only determine both the feasibility of the network, but also to help in its initial construction.


RF Path Analysis

Our team can carry out an analysis of the actual path from the AP to the end user along with the return journey to ensure that there are no issues and in order to determine the Fresnel/Earth curvature clearance. This will result in better wireless links and a stronger connection.


Link Budgets

Dura-tech has the knowledge and experience required to carry out a link budget in order to ascertain if an RF link will indeed be the best solution. This budget can also work out the signal strength that will be best for your needs.


Spectrum Analysis

Our engineers can carry out spectrum analysis in order to locate and determine any potential interference sources that may be in your area.


Interference Analysis

By determining the type of interference that may be in your area it means we can offer the best solutions to cope with that issue. This in itself is extremely important as it is common for network issues to be mis-diagnosed as interference leading to the wrong solution being offered and the issues still existing.


Tower Structural Studies

We have the technology and expertise to carry out tower structural studies and how it may impact on your system.


Zoning/Planning Board Meetings

Most areas will require zoning or planning board meetings before any new wireless towers can be built. Dura-tech has direct experience in taking part in these meetings and we can work alongside municipality staff through every part of the process from not only creating the presentation, but also getting approval through the meeting.


FAA/FCC Coordination

Dura-tech has both the experience and expertise to help with FAA studies, submitting the FAA form 7460, and also FCC tower registration.


Proposal Writing (Methodologies)

If you are a municipality or a WISP and need some expert help with an RFP or indeed an RFP response, contact us for assistance.

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