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Cloud Computing

The difference with cloud computing is that it is seen as a service rather than a product with various resources, software, and information being provided to computers or mobile devices in much the same way as your electricity is provided from an external source to your appliances. The difference here is that instead of there being an electricity grid you replace it with the Internet, but the main idea of every computing device still then having access to the same information remains.

The beauty of cloud computing is that the end users are not required to know the actual location of the information as the main point is to improve accessibility to storage resources, data access, data management, and software without it impacting on their own central network. All of this information is accessed via a normal web browser or mobile app allowing you to access all of your business information no matter where you are at the time.

Revolutionizing Networks

The cloud concept has revolutionized networks and IT in general and the developers that are behind the creation of the applications strive to ensure that the experience for the end user is exactly the same as if they had all of the information stored on their own private network. The technology is such that there should be no difference at any point.

The way in which the cloud is structured allows businesses to get their applications up and running faster than ever before. Due to how it is stored elsewhere it does also mean that there is less maintenance to be concerned about as the main thing is to just ensure that the way you access the cloud at your end is working correctly.

Benefits of Cloud Technology

We understand that the way in which the cloud can benefit your business can vary a great deal depending on your own individual needs. However, there is no doubt that due to the reduced need for constant maintenance and the accessibility of information and software via the cloud, that it makes it easier to adjust IT resources to coincide with your needs at that time. In order to do this, you need to partner with a company that not only fully understands the cloud concept, but also understands what your business requires in order to operate at full capacity.

We here at Dura-Tech are that company and we are able to constantly adjust the storage space, server capabilities, and resources to fit your ever changing needs.

Cloud Solutions

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Contact us now to schedule an appointment with one of our engineers who can take you through the cloud concept and show you how it can benefit your business. We ensure that everything is tailor made to your own specifications and with our expertise in the industry we know that you will be more than happy with how the cloud can work for you and your business.