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Network Gateway Security

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Full Service Network Security



Network Gateway Security

DTE SecureNet

Full Service Network Security & Firewall Reporting Service

DTE SecureNet is a full service network security firewall and reporting service. SecureNet can identify possible data leaks, compromised servers and workstations and other security concerns before they cause devastating damage to your production network.

Our comprehensive reporting can be customized to provide specialized reports to meet audit requirements or for a more specific look at a specific problem.



Application Based Filtering & Control


Intrusion Prevention Service


Multi-Layered Defense


Web Filtering


VPN Access



Accomplish More

  • Assuring that a first line of defense is in place against hackers or unauthorized users.

  • Blocking access to unapproved websites to minimize risks.

  • Protect your business from Viruses, Spam, Worms, and other unwanted internet traffic.

  • Meter and limit network bandwidth flow to promote productivity.

  • Provide VPN services to make remote access and work easier to accomplish.

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