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Breach Detection and Monitoring

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Breach Detection Solution



Breach Detection and Monitoring

DTE Breach Detection

Detect Advanced Threats

Advanced threat actors ranging from nation-state adversaries to organized cyber-crime gangs are using zero-day exploits, customized malware tool kits and clever social engineering tricks to break into corporate networks, avoid detection, and steal valuable information over an extended period of time.

AntiVirus Isn’t Enough

Normal security tools like Antivirus and Malware detection tools can not detect these types of intrusions and ongoing data exfiltrations. You need an advanced solution in place to protect against these ongoing threats.

Our Advanced Solution

  • Identifies applications scheduled to execute upon Boot Up or Log In

  • Collects and analyzes application metadata.

  • Detects as soon as hacker establishes access.

  • Remediate and close the door on the malicious connection.

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