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As previously announced, Dura-Tech has joined with LeadingIt! Starting in 2023 the Dura-Tech branding will be phased out as we unite under the LeadingIT name, including forwarding this website to GoLeadingit.com. Everything you have come to know and love as a client and partner of Dura-Tech remains in tact, with more resources than ever to provide you with the Best Cybersecurity and Fastest Response Times you will find in all of Chicagoland (and soon beyond)!

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Full Service Network Security

Dura-Tech IT and Technology Services

Improve your Business Technology

We understand the technology challenges small and medium sized businesses face on a daily basis. Understanding how downtime effects your business, we have the tools to proactively manage your network. We offer an array of business technology services including Technology Consulting, Cloud Solutions, Disaster Recovery and Back-up Solutions, Managed Technology Services and Network Security.

Proactive Network Management

It is now more important than ever before that your business can run as efficiently as possible. However, it is also a fact that there are now more ways in which things can “go wrong” thanks to companies using the wrong hardware or software, as well as threats from external sources including viruses and malware.

It only takes one small problem to lead to a catastrophic event that could potentially cripple your business with it not only losing you turnover, but also costing you in both time and monetary terms to get the issue resolved.

We believe in preventing those issues from developing in the first place. Our highly trained technicians will assess your situation, look at your needs, and then advise you on the appropriate action that you need to take in order to keep your business running.

Full Service Network Security

DTE WebShield

Cloud Security Platform

DTE WebShield, powered by Cisco Umbrella, is a cloud security platform providing the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever your users go. Capable of blocking malicious destinations before a connection is ever established.

Prevents against today’s biggest threats

Phishing and Drive-By’s are two of the most common threats your users face online. Phishing focuses on gathering sensitive information typically for financial gains, often they lead you to a spoofed copy of a site to attempt to steal your information. Drive-by’s occur when cyber criminals infect legitimate websites with malware and it automatically downloads when you visit the site, infecting your machine. The end result is the same, even the most cautious web user can and likely will be compromised. Why risk it when you can simply filter them out with DTE WebShield

Stop 50 – 98% more attacks

DTE WebShield preemptively defends against attacks, malware, and callbacks by analyzing a cross section of the world’s internet activity and predicting the attacks before they launch


DNS & IP Layer Enforcement

By Using the DTE Web Shield DNS Servers, you stop Malware before it reaches your endpoints or network.


Intelligent Proxy

Risky Domains are automatically routed for deeper inspection or denial based
on policy settings.


Command & Callback

If the device becomes infected DTE Web Shield can stop call back to attacker’s servers,  halting data exfiltration and execution of Ransomware encryption. 

Full Service Network Security

Working with Dura-Tech

Take your network to the next level.

By using our services it means that you can focus on the things you do best, which is running your business and increasing your turnover. Dura-Tech can remove the stress of dealing with your network