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Our Process

Glenwood, IL
Step 1.

Invest in You

We value people and relationships. We believe in having a strategic partnership to enhance your success through technology.

It’s our goal to make sure that Dura-Tech is a good fit for your business and that your business is a good fit for Dura-Tech. That’s how we build long lasting partnerships.

Step 2.

Discovery and Needs Analysis

We will assess and analyze how your business uses technology and how technology is used in your current work flow.  Our highly skilled team will collaborate with you to identify your goals, current pain points and any other obstacles you may have in your business.  We will perform a detailed network assessment to identify underlying problems and security concerns.  It’s important we both have a complete understanding of exactly how technology impacts your business.

Step 3.

Create a Plan

We understand that a “one-size-fits-all” solution does not work for today’s complex business.  Every business is unique in their needs and technology uses.   We believe that technology should align with all aspects of your business. That’s why we perform the detailed assessments.  We want to partner with you to create a strategic long-term technology road map for your business.

Our goal is to increase the profitability, reliability, efficiency, security and productivity of both your technology and your business.   

Step 4.

We Get to Work

Once we have the comprehensive plan defined, it’s time we get to work on implementation.  This starts with implementing the technology solutions and services that have been approved from our planning.  The Dura-Tech services team will strive to minimize any business interruptions during this important process.  All phases of the implementation will be delivered on time and in budget with complete documentation for your records. 

Step 5 and Beyond

Continuing Great Outcomes

Our partnership doesn’t end once your new technology is in place – it’s actually just beginning. Now our team will continually work to proactively monitor, support and secure your technology investment.  We continually work to improve your IT while striving for perfection.

Our professional IT experts will give consistent IT guidance and advise you of new technologies and solutions that will benefit your business. Partnering together, we will ensure your systems continue to operate as efficiently as possible.

Work with us

We would love the opportunity to be your partner in technology. Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss how we can help!