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The Dura-Tech difference is in the details. Throughout your devices, any number of software patches can become available – but are they safe?
Updating the software on devices like office computers, network printers, etc requires a level care to ensure that the patches are managed efficiently and safely. Every so often patch can come along that doesn’t agree with your system or worse, contains a vulnerability.
Our structured patch management is careful process of monitoring patches for these details that others simply don’t look at. Make sure that your technology partner has a protocol in place for patch management, your network depends on it!

What our clients say

“Technology is an important component in supporting our community and can be time-consuming if not implemented correctly. Partnering with Dura-Tech has been key to our ability to continue adding to these tools and features throughout the years.”

Laurie Cyr

Assistant Administrator
Village of Bourbonnais

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