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As previously announced, Dura-Tech has joined with LeadingIt! Starting in 2023 the Dura-Tech branding will be phased out as we unite under the LeadingIT name, including forwarding this website to GoLeadingit.com. Everything you have come to know and love as a client and partner of Dura-Tech remains in tact, with more resources than ever to provide you with the Best Cybersecurity and Fastest Response Times you will find in all of Chicagoland (and soon beyond)!

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What Downtime Can
Cost Your Business

Disaster Recovery provides a second version of your system that you can fall back on no matter what goes wrong. In the event of a hardware failure, malware, or any other disaster takes out your primary system, you can get back to work immediately. Some business never recover from a disaster.

Learn the REAL cost of downtime.

A Disaster Recovery solution is an absolute necessity for your business.
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Total Labor Cost per Hour

With the total labor cost per hour figure, we can calculate the potential losses based on a set period of downtime.


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Total potential revenue lost during an hour of downtime.

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Total Downtime Cost