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5 Common
Phishing Scam
Red Flags

Protecting your personal information starts with you.

We have talked about identifying the red flags in a phishing email attempt, but what about everything else online?

Here are 5 of the most common tactics used by scammers to get your personal information.

1. Free Gift Card!

Who wouldn’t want a free gift card? Whether you stumble upon this type of offer on a shopping site, through social media, or your inbox, do not click! This scam may be branded to appear like it is from a familiar source such as Amazon Best Buy, Target, etc.

2. Fake Websites

While searching for deals this Black Friday and holiday shopping season, you may encounter some search results that seem fishy. It is not uncommon for scammers to replicate the look of popular ecommerce websites to trick you into entering sensitive information like your credit card numbers! Always pay attention to the URL of the site you are on and look for the familiar Green Lock icon indicating a secure connection.

3. Too Good to be True

Black Friday has some of the best deals you can find all year. Sometimes those deals may seem too good to be true; this might actually be the case. Stick to the companies you know and trust when it comes to your purchases this year. XYZCompany might have that TV 90% off, but there’s a good chance it is a scam.

4. Limited Time Offer

In the rush of finding the best deals, you may stumble across a Super Limited Time Offer! Scammers are preying on the less patient with this type of phishing, enticing you to hurry up and check out before the deal ends!

5. Fake Mobile Apps

You might do a lot of shopping on your phone and tablet; keep an eye out for Fake Apps! Always check the reviews on the Apple Store and Android Marketplace before installing Apps you might come across promising great deals, free rewards, etc.

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