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Free Training for 30 Days

Cyber Security
Awareness Training



Free Training for 30 Days

Cyber Security
Awareness Training

DTE Awareness Training

Empower Your Employees and Protect Your Business

The importance of instilling a culture of data security among your employees cannot be understated. Even with a full stack of security solutions, a single click on a malicious file attachment can mean a world of trouble for your business.

It’s easy to see why security training is necessary for your business, but the education we provide will also help your employees to practice secure habits at home as well. Your employees will appreciate your dedication to their education and safety and you will notice an almost immediate improvement in their cyber security awareness.

Phishing Simulation and Training Resources

We educate your workforce by creating a curriculum that is specific to the industry security trends that your business faces. Our in-depth program spans over several phases, beginning with an introductory campaign that we utilize data from to further customize the education we provide to your employees. Our training program will prove successful as your employees will soon become your most valuable security asset.

Cyber Security Awareness Training Reports

Progress Reporting & Risk Analysis

We measure and report on the progress made by your workforce with detailed information such as phishing rate, security awareness grades, completion monitoring, and more. With this information we can also determine where knowledge gaps are within your organizations security awareness. 

How It Works

Within a few minutes of signing up, you will receive an enrollment confirmation as well as the link to start your first weeks training!

Every week, new training will be delivered directly to you. At the end of the final week of training, you will be delivered a certificate acknowledging your successful completion of this cyber security awareness training.

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Free Training for
30 Days

Empower your workforce with Cyber Security Awareness. Help them help you by instilling the knowledge that can turn them into your most valuable security asset. Utilize our free 30 day training offer to get started today!